Apex Modular Extrusion™ (AME) Process Line

Apex Engineering, PLLC and Apex Controls Specialists, LLC have manufactured custom engineered–to-order modular extrusion systems for over 15 years. We continue to support our customers who require a customizable turnkey extrusion process, but we are constantly looking for opportunities to provide a more economical solution to our customers; thus, we designed the AME series of extrusion systems.


With the introduction of the AME series, Apex allows the client to redeem the advantages of modular construction with an even better cost structure. The AME modular extruder series is offered in 60mm, 70mm and 90mm sizes. The standardization and simplicity of only offering these models allows Apex to provide a robust design at an economical price.

The AME series is based upon “assembly line” economics. Apex selects the equipment and controls platform, passing the volume discounts from the suppliers to the customer. Also, the standardization built into the design allows for the reuse of engineering drawings and control designs. These savings are also passed on to the customer. The AME series equates to a price reduction of approximately 15% to 20% from traditional custom designed modular concepts.

Please take a moment to review the AME series brochure for production rates, system prices and modular advantages by clicking the button above or below.

We are very excited about our new offerings and would be pleased to visit your facility to present our innovative solutions. We believe our years of expertise and unique position as an engineering firm allows us to be objective and to concentrate on what is best for our customers.


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