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Plant Expansion

Complete plant expansion, primary, secondary, finishing, blending, barge loadout, automation and startup. Western Kentucky.

Capital Costs: 45,000,000

Dust Collection System

Preliminary and detail design to replace a dust collection system at a major aluminum plant.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000

Metals Dust Collection System

Capital Costs: $1,100,000

Cleated Belt Conveyor

45-degree corrugated-wall cleated belt conveyor to convey cat litter from grade to the top of silo.

Capital Costs: $150,000

Coal Conveyors

Four-1200 TPH coal conveyors to divert product coal from the main storage silo to an alternate silo. One conveyor bridge span was 165 feet long.

Capital Costs: $750,000

Coal and Limestone Conveyors

Six (6) – 500 TPH coal and limestone conveyors to convey materials from unloading and reclaim to crushing and screening structures and thence to the boilerhouse. Maximum convey span was 125 feet long

Capital Costs: $800,000

Wood Chip and Coal Handling Conveyors

Wood chip and coal handling conveyors to feed boilerhouse. One conveyor was overland and two (2) conveyors ran side-by-side through a tubular gallery with a maximum span of 115 feet.

Capital Costs: $2,000,000

Replace Belt on 5 Mile Overland Conveyor

Plan and coordinate the shutdown and replacement of a 5-mile 72” conveyor. Project also included adding new office facility with underground elevator, shower facilities, telecommunications hub, and substation.

Capital Costs: $3,000,000

Coal Concrete Silos, Reclaim Tunnels

Stacking Tubes
Installed raw coal silos, clean coal silos, blending silos, reclaim tunnels, stacking tubes, and flyash silos for numerous clients.

Capital Costs: $4,000,000

Water Storage and Monitoring

Detail design for electrical installation of a 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank and monitoring of associated cooling system.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000

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