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Furnace Control Modernization

Detail design, control software and start-up to replace obsolete controls on four furnaces.

Capital Costs: $1,600,000

Carbon Solids Handling System

Preliminary design and budget of equipment for crushing, conveying and treatment of contaminated carbon-based solid product.

Capital Costs: $8,000,000

Sodium Hypochlorite Tank

Provide engineering and design for installation of a Kynar lined pipe to allow injection of sodium hypochlorite into the existing sludge piping system. Installation of a new fiberglass storage tank and new metering pump and piping system.

Capital Costs: $320,000

PH Control System

PH control system to control pH of a paper chest using acid and caustic. The pH control was done using injection nozzles on the pump sections. Essentially a continuous system verses a batch system.

Capital Costs:$100,000

PH Control Conversion

Provide layout, design and construction management for the electrical work, piping and installation of new carbon dioxide tank, refrigeration unit and vaporizer to convert the pH control of the lime softened water in the clarifier to a carbon dioxide controlled system.

Capital Costs: $275,000

Dust Control and Collection

Design and construction management to improve emissions by collection of fugitive dust.

Capital Costs: $250,000

Fuel Handling Conveyor

Design and engineering of a fuel handling conveyor.

Capital Costs:$300,000

Coal Dust Suppression System

Design, engineering and start-up of coal dust suppression system.

Capital Costs: $350,000

Fuel Blending Control System

Engineering and design for the installation of a PLC-controlled fuel blending control system including programming and screen configuration.

Capital Costs: $375,000

Instrument Air

Design, engineering and construction supervision to install new instrument/service compressed air system.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000

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