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Sand Delivery System

A sand delivery system that starts out with pneumatic conveyors moving foundry sand to a storage hopper in the top of the structure. After the sand descends through the structure it is heated and mixed with rosins. From the mixer the mixed batch was transported along a traveling hopper to dump into one of six (6) sand molding machines.

Capital Costs: $500,000

Wood Chip Handling Conveyors

Two (2) wood chip handling conveyors. Unique structural designs utilizing curved trusses and supports that had to circumvent a number of different obstacles.

Capital Costs: $500,000

Wood Fines Conveying and Storage

Pneumatic conveyors, surge hopper, screener, vibrating conveyor, and pulverized process for handling wood fines for engineered wood structural panels.

Capital Costs: 750,000

Plant Expansion

Complete plant expansion, primary, secondary, finishing, blending, barge loadout, automation and startup. Western Kentucky.

Capital Cost: $45,000,000

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