Semi-Commercial Centrifuge System

Semi-commercial centrifuge system.

Capital Costs:  $2,000,000

Powder Packaging Mods

Air milling and powder packaging modifications.

Capital Costs:  $2,500,000

Condensate Collection System

Condensate collection system.

Capital Costs:  $3,500,000

Distillation Column Installation

Preliminary and detailed design for distillation column installation.

Capital Costs:  $3,000,000

API-650 Liquid Storage Tanks

Design of several API-650 storage tanks for product liquors and two lime storage bins per ASME code, non-stamped.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000

Reactor Design

Preliminary and detailed design of reactor processes to produce starter liquid for continuous specialty chemical process.

Capital Costs: $1,750,000

Groundwater Collection System

Design of a groundwater collection system (mechanical, electrical and controls) for an existing chemical plant.

Capital Costs: $3,000,000

Belt Conveyors

Basic design and procurement for two (2) belt conveyors conveying chemical fertilizer. Also added a non-corrodible enclosure over an existing open storage bin for the product.

Capital Costs:  $350,000

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