Cleated Belt Conveyor

80-foot long, 67-foot tall, z-shaped flexible-wall, cleated belt conveyors to elevate shredded aluminum chips into a furnace.

Capital Costs:  $400,000

Belt and Apron Conveyors

Four (4) belt conveyors and two (2) apron conveyors to surge feed raw material into a furnace.  Included two (2) new bins and the rework of two (2) existing bins.

Capital Costs:  $800,000

Water Storage and Monitoring

Detail design for electrical installation of a 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank and monitoring of associated cooling system.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000

Furnace Control Modernization

Detail design, control software and start-up to replace obsolete controls on four furnaces.

Capital Costs: $1,600,000

Carbon Solids Handling System

Preliminary design and budget of equipment for crushing, conveying and treatment of contaminated carbon-based solid product.

Capital Costs: $8,000,000