Consolidation of Manufacturing

Performed preliminary engineering design to consolidate four warehousing/manufacturing sites into a single site.  Assistance was provided to the client to provide a time study flow chart.  A lean operations review was completed for the process from raw material receipt through finished goods truck loading.

Capital Costs:  $3,200,000

Feeder Carousel and Coating Extruder

Performed TURNKEY services for a long glass fiber line.  The project consisted of structural steel erection of two platforms, concrete foundations, lighting, firewater, utility piping, central housekeeping, MCC, power distribution and all process equipment.  The process consisted of a three feed streams, 58mm extruder, four melt pumps, two water baths, two pull-trusion units, two pelletizers, post blending and packaging.

Capital Costs:  $6,500,000

Bi-Component Fiber System

Performed engineering design of a spinning system, staple system and baler system.  The above listed equipment was inventoried in a Tennessee plant and relocated to a Georgia plant.  The equipment was decommissioned, disconnected, crated, transported and reinstalled per the design drawing.  The creel, cans and Trio equipment systems were new and were integrated into the bi-component system.  The control systems for spinning, staple and baler were upgraded to Allen Bradley PLC control.  New HMI’s were supplied with the control systems.  ...

Injection of Liquid Additive

Included the injecting of a liquid additive into the extruder feed throats via the existing catalyst pumps. Modifications to the existing fourth formulation area included a containment dike, a formulation platform and CVC formulation tank.

Capital Costs: $150,000

Multiple Powder Silos

Engineering design, start up assistance and programming to add multiple powder silo sources to the existing powder transfer system

Capital Costs: $210,000

Dust Collection System

Design of dust collection system for eight extrusion lines. A wet centrifugal collector (crotoclone) was designed to collect nuisance dust from feed throat hoppers and feeders. The project design also included the sizing and routing of the dust collection system ductwork.

Capital Costs: $250,000

Extruder Feed System

Upgrade of an existing 40mm extruder feed system. Added fiberglass and effects feeder along with a downstream side feeder.

Capital Costs: $300,000

Dual Laminate Corzan/FRP Header

Replace a chlorine 24” header with a dual laminate Corzan/FRP header. New header supports for the 300’ system.

Capital Costs: $400,000

Nitrogen Inerting System

Addition of a nitrogen inerting system and oxygen monitoring system to two existing railcar loading facilities.

Capital Costs: $450,000

Storage and Handling System

Involved engineering design to install new storage and handling system. A new 15,000 gallon tank, liquid transfer pump and extruder distribution piping completed the system

Capital Costs: $500,000

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