Feed System

Addition of a color concentrate and fiberglass strand feed system to an existing 4 ½” single screw extruder. Design work also included the installation of a multi-feeder controller, master rate controller, extrusion control panel and a side feeder.

Capital Costs: $600,000

Super Sack

Design of optical quality polycarbonate super sack packaging system to package 1,760 pounds of pellets into a densified finished product.  System included number seven mirror finished hopper and a slow, gentle dense phase conveying system.  All rooms, hoppers and containers require one-micron filter air to maintain and ultra clean packaging environment.

Capital Costs: $700,000

Improved Management System

Provide engineering, design and drafting to provide an improved management system at a Plastics facility to contain storm water contaminated with polyethylene powder and pellets.  Then segregate the powder and pellets from the effluent prior to discharging offsite.  These modifications shall add two (2) new points of powder/pellet segregation before the water reaches a sump.  This shall also provide a means to trap powder and pellets at the storm water out falls and ditches before exiting the site.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000

Recycled Material

Install equipment to utilize recycled material.  This included box unload bins, a pneumatic blender, two (2) blower, two (2) surge hoppers, support steel, associate piping and electrical controls.

Capital Costs: $1,400,000

Material Feed

Provided raw material feed capability to five (5) extruders in a Nylon Compounding Plant.  Project included installation of feeder carousels on each line and material handling and dump stations.

Capital Costs:$2,000,000

Weigh Bins

At a Plastics Compounding facility, completed the detailed design for installing four (4) overhead net weigh bins to accurately weigh product flowing from the line verification bins to boxes on new densifiers located within the load-out conveyors.

Capital Costs: $2,500,000

Turn-Key Vacuum Conveying

Closed looped vacuum conveying of explosive BPA flake from railcars to silos at a rate greater than 9000 pounds per hour per system.  The BPA is conveyed in an atmosphere of less than 4% oxygen with an inerting gas of nitrogen.  The conveying can be completed by two separate product conveying systems with one common conveying gas header system.  The two separate product conveying systems can be connected to one railcar simultaneously and convey to two separate silos.

Capital Costs: $3,000.000

Transferring Pellets

Completed the preliminary design and estimates at a Nylon Compounding facility to transfer pellets from the extruders lines to bulk truck and bulk rail loading.  Design included new hoppers, silos, transfer blowers, and a truck/railcar loading structure or system.

Capital Costs: $3,000,000

Transfer Material

Completed the preliminary design and estimates at a Nylon Compounding facility to transfer materials from railcars to intermediate storage and then from storage to the extruder lines.

Capital Costs: $3,000,000

NPI Extrusion System

Extruder installation complete with powder mixing, feed, extrusion, and packaging.

Capitial Costs: $3,500,000

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