Carbon Storage Design

Project entailed the design of an activated carbon storage and pneumatic transfer system from 2-30 day storage silos to 3-3 day unit pair tanks for Hg emission reduction.  Detailed design included mechanical, piping, electrical, and CSA areas of the storage and transfer systems.

Capital Costs:  $150,000

Dust Collection Design

Project entailed the design of a dust collection system to collect dust emitted during bag change-outs for the baghouse on a fly ash silo.

Capital Costs:  $250,000

Generator Installation Design

Design for installation of 500kw diesel generator to provide power to critical plan loads (fire protection pumps, turbine lube oil, and packaging turning gear pumps) during a site power loss.

Capital Costs:  $270,000

Boiler Injection

Provided a basic engineering package design to store and inject into the boilers a powder activate carbon (PAC) for Hg removal.

Capital Costs:  $1,200,000

Dust Control and Collection

Design and construction management to improve emissions by collection of fugitive dust.

Capital Costs: $250,000

Fuel Handling Conveyor

Design and engineering of a fuel handling conveyor.

Capital Costs:$300,000

Coal Dust Suppression System

Design, engineering and start-up of coal dust suppression system.

Capital Costs: $350,000

Fuel Blending Control System

Engineering and design for the installation of a PLC-controlled fuel blending control system including programming and screen configuration.

Capital Costs: $375,000

Instrument Air

Design, engineering and construction supervision to install new instrument/service compressed air system.

Capital Costs: $1,000,000