Representative Projects

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors for bark drying and bark classification systems to transfer flow from an existing process.

Capital Costs:  $550,000

Sand Delivery System

A sand delivery system that starts out with pneumatic conveyors moving foundry sand to a storage hopper in the top of the structure.  After the sand descends through the structure it is heated and mixed with rosins.  From the mixer the mixed batch was transported along a traveling hopper to dump into one of six (6) sand molding machines.

Capital Costs:  $500,000

Carbon Storage Design

Project entailed the design of an activated carbon storage and pneumatic transfer system from 2-30 day storage silos to 3-3 day unit pair tanks for Hg emission reduction.  Detailed design included mechanical, piping, electrical, and CSA areas of the storage and transfer systems.

Capital Costs:  $150,000

Dust Collection Design

Project entailed the design of a dust collection system to collect dust emitted during bag change-outs for the baghouse on a fly ash silo.

Capital Costs:  $250,000

Generator Installation Design

Design for installation of 500kw diesel generator to provide power to critical plan loads (fire protection pumps, turbine lube oil, and packaging turning gear pumps) during a site power loss.

Capital Costs:  $270,000

Boiler Injection

Provided a basic engineering package design to store and inject into the boilers a powder activate carbon (PAC) for Hg removal.

Capital Costs:  $1,200,000

Consolidation of Manufacturing

Performed preliminary engineering design to consolidate four warehousing/manufacturing sites into a single site.  Assistance was provided to the client to provide a time study flow chart.  A lean operations review was completed for the process from raw material receipt through finished goods truck loading.

Capital Costs:  $3,200,000

Feeder Carousel and Coating Extruder

Performed TURNKEY services for a long glass fiber line.  The project consisted of structural steel erection of two platforms, concrete foundations, lighting, firewater, utility piping, central housekeeping, MCC, power distribution and all process equipment.  The process consisted of a three feed streams, 58mm extruder, four melt pumps, two water baths, two pull-trusion units, two pelletizers, post blending and packaging.

Capital Costs:  $6,500,000

Purified Water System Expansion

Includes design for the installation of a new still for producing water meeting USP Purified Standards for use in the production of nutritional and pharmaceutical products.  The water system design also includes a storage tank and two distribution piping loops, along with associated circulating pumps and auxiliary equipment.

Capital Costs:  $1,000,000

Purified Water Storage

USP 23 purified water storage and distribution system for nutritional and pharmaceutical production facility.

Capital Costs:  $800,000

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