Representative Projects

Sanitary Package Upgrade Project

The project permits the monitoring of the system flow rate and dissolved oxygen content.  The data collected from dissolved oxygen meter instrument will determine the aeration blower speed.  The effluent flow rate data shall be captured for compliance reporting.  A volumetric feeder shall be installed in a prefabricated fiberglass building, located adjacent to the sanitary package, to meter sodium bicarb material to the process.

Capital Costs:  $14,000

On-Site Controls Engineer, PLC/DCS

Two (2) controls engineers on-site to provide Modicon and Honeywell programming and troubleshooting.

Capital Costs:  $60,000

Flotation Process

Repipe and reinstrument the flotation process tank to increase the amount of material being processed.

Capital Costs:  $60,000

Paper Process

Changed process piping to increase through-put of paper process.  Includes the sizing of a new pump and 200 + feet of 8”, 12”, 14”, and 18” Sch. 10 stainless steel pipe.  Post floatation feed pump upgraded to 8400 GPM.  Sizing of piping for appropriate velocities is included.

Capital Costs:  $65,000

Pump Skids

Designed three (3) new pump skids for dye injection into the product stream. 

Capital Costs:  $120,000

Control Panel Fabrications

Provide the control panel fabrication for the retrofit of an existing relay control system.  The new system consisted of one (1) modicon quantum  PLC and one (1) industrial panel mount computer.

Capital Costs:  $150,000

FMR Coating Process

Engineering and design for the installation of new sheet coating process.  To include removal of existing water wash system and equipment and installation of new sheet stacker/destacker system.

Capital Costs:  $800,000

Paper Mill

Provided two (2) new PLC Control Panels for new waste water treatment facility at paper mill.

Capital Costs:  $1,300,000

Control Panel

Provided Modicon 984 PLC I/O Control Panel for RF debottlenecking.

Capital Costs:  $4,000,000

Cleated Belt Conveyor

80-foot long, 67-foot tall, z-shaped flexible-wall, cleated belt conveyors to elevate shredded aluminum chips into a furnace.

Capital Costs:  $400,000

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