Representative Projects

Belt and Apron Conveyors

Four (4) belt conveyors and two (2) apron conveyors to surge feed raw material into a furnace.  Included two (2) new bins and the rework of two (2) existing bins.

Capital Costs:  $800,000

Belt Conveyors

Basic design and procurement for two (2) belt conveyors conveying chemical fertilizer.   Also added a non-corrodible enclosure over an existing open storage bin for the product.

Capital Costs:  $350,000

Global Standard Design

Global Standard Design of a continuous mixing/sheeting process for the manufacturing of gum.   The detailed design included the process, mechanical, electrical, and CSA engineering from raw material feed to the plant, storage, mixing, feeding material to extrusion, extrusion of mix, conveying and shooting of the product prior to packaging.   Design and specification of all equipment / instrumentation was also included.

Capital Costs:  $8,000,000

UV Coating Line Measurement

Performed engineering design of a coating verification system.  The testing equipment consisted of two (2) color/UV sensors and two (2) thickness sensors arranged to provide measurements at predetermined locations based on the glass sheet size.   The color/UV sensors were a two part system with an emitter located below the glass and the receiver located above.  The thickness probe was a single sensor that required adjustment for varying glass thickness.   To accommodate the variable glass widths, one of the color/UV emitter/receiver ...

Bi-Component Fiber System

Performed engineering design of a spinning system, staple system and baler system.  The above listed equipment was inventoried in a Tennessee plant and relocated to a Georgia plant.  The equipment was decommissioned, disconnected, crated, transported and reinstalled per the design drawing.  The creel, cans and Trio equipment systems were new and were integrated into the bi-component system.  The control systems for spinning, staple and baler were upgraded to Allen Bradley PLC control.  New HMI’s were supplied with the control systems.  ...

Belt Conveyor

45-degree corrugated-wall cleated belt conveyor to convey cat litter from grade to the top of silo.

Capital Costs:  $150,000

Chemical Process Plant Expansion

Development of P&ID’s, final estimate, detailed engineering and design for Civil/Structural, Mechincal, Electrical and Instrumentation.

Capital Costs:  $21,000,000

Spray Dryer System

Preliminary and detailed design for new spray dryer system and ancilliary equipment.

Capital Costs:  $17,000,000

Refrigerant Process Plant

Debottlenecking of refrigerant process plant.  Preliminary and final estimate; detailed engineering design including process simulation, review of existing equipment and specification for replacement and purchase of new equipment, evaluation of process structure for equipment loads, process and utility piping design and electrical and instrumentation.

Capital Costs:  $3,500,000

API-650 Storage Tank

Preliminary design and budget development for new 300,000 API-650 storage tank and containment.

Capital Costs:  $3,500,000

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