Apex Engineering and Apex Controls Specialists present an innovative take on modular compounding lines. What makes these systems unique to the industry is the flexibility for the owner to choose their own equipment and controls platform to meet their existing plant standards or needs. Also unique is the way the module assembles. Once erected it resembles a normal process line not a boxy sea crate frame. It can integrate into a traditional processing building or is low profile enough to slide right into a warehouse type building. Connecting the electrical systems is truly a plug and play approach using safe disconnect rated plugs. Erection couldn’t be simpler with an erect by number assembly. A process line can be making product approx. 15-20 days from delivery. State of the art control software is included, specifically tailored for the plant floor interfaces. Again, flexibility is the name of the game offering the owner a choice of control platforms or if none preferred, Allen Bradley is used by default. A compounding control center (CCC) accompanies the process module and all wiring to the field is minimized using Ethernet, remote I/O and intelligent MCC. Apex and ACS have generations of systems in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, United States, and Asia. Some of the benefits that have been realized are:

1)      Choice of equipment and controls systems, ie. extruder, feeders, electric hardware, material transfer systems, PLC, HMI…etc.

2)      Project schedules are simplified and shortened 25 -30% with off-site construction resulting in a reduction in project costs by 25-30%.

3)      The module looks and operates as if stick built and can be easily disconnected and shipped all over the world, Mobile Extrusion Capacity.

This system driven approach to modularization, innovative design, construction and controls integration make this a real consideration for anyone considering a  capacity increase that is both mobile and has 100% asset recovery.






50mm Modular extruder assembled

state of the art control designed around customer preferences

mimics process floor not a sea container or shipping crea