In the past 40 plus years, Apex Engineering and Apex Control Specialists have accrued a vast amount of knowledge and solutions in the compounding world. We realized the needs of manufacturing companies and we developed a design basis for a modular extruder system that would incorporate our compounding knowledge. Below is the design for the Apex Modular Extrusion™ System:

The above design basis resulted in a line that is flexible to manufacture many different products and fillers. Also, the system is very easy to clean and has demonstrated some of the best (lot change) turnaround times in the industry. The modularization of the extrusion process resulted in our clients realizing the below advanatages:

  • Cost advantage: Shop construction is 20-30% lower. Less risk of scope changes.
  • Minimal plant site interruption: Reassembly minimizes construction at manufacturing site.
  • Client resources minimized: Single source responsibility and standardization reduce resources.
  • Click here for more design base info

We have used these modular concept to create additional products as depicted on this page.  Please consider Apex Engineering for these products or for providing the engineering efforts to modularize one of your production processes.