UV Coating Line Measurement

Performed engineering design of a coating verification system.  The testing equipment consisted of two (2) color/UV sensors and two (2) thickness sensors arranged to provide measurements at predetermined locations based on the glass sheet size.   The color/UV sensors were a two part system with an emitter located below the glass and the receiver located above.  The thickness probe was a single sensor that required adjustment for varying glass thickness.   To accommodate the variable glass widths, one of the color/UV emitter/receiver pairs and one thickness probe were fixed horizontally and the other color/UV emitter/receiver pair and second thickness probe was mounted on a linear motion cart to position the sensors horizontally across the glass sheet.   A servomotor was used to precisely position the sensors based on an input from the operator on the glass size.   The two thickness probes were set to the precise vertical distance from the glass by two more linear actuators mounted at the fixed position and moving position.

Capital Costs:  $700,000


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